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You do not have to be a part of Student Senate to join our meetings. All our meetings are open to the public. Student Senate meetings typically happen on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Toner room 9, come join and see what we are up to. If you want to be directly involved with Student Senate, you can represent your residence hall, run for elections as a class officer, executive board member, or as Student Senate President. View the documents below for more information or contact one of the executive board members for more information.


Each year there are 4 separate elections for the President, Executive Board, Class Officer, and Senator positions. The elections for the President, Executive Board, and Class Officers positions occur the year before their term starts, typically between March and April. The Senator elections take place the following academic year, usually around early September. Take a look at the timeline below for more info.

March 2017

13th– President Petitions due by 5 pm

14th- President speeches @ 7pm Senate Meeting

21st– Student Senate President Elections @ Toner (11am-1:30pm / 5-7:30pm)

27th– Executive Board petitions due by 5pm

28th- Executive Board Speeches @ 7pm Senate Meeting

29th– Student Senate Executive Board Elections (Online form sent to email, 7am-7pm)

April 2017

4th- Class Officer petitions due by 5pm

6th- Student Senate Class Officer Elections (Online form sent to email, 7am-7pm)

TBD- President and Executive Board elects will attend leadership retreat

September 2017

TBD- Senator elections @ Toner