Student Senate

Student Organizations / Registering New Club

New Club Recognition Procedure:

  1. Students interested must meet with or contact Office of Student Activities to discuss their group’s details along with a completed new club form.
  2. A faculty or staff advisor must commit to the group by signing the Advisor Commitment Form. 
  3. The group shall draw up a proposed constitution, in accordance with specified criteria.
  4. The group shall submit their proposed constitution to their advisor or an executive board member for
  5. Submit new club form, constitution, and advisor form by 4:00 p.m. on Friday to be heard the following senate meeting.
  6. The group shall then go before the Student Senate (Tuesday nights, 7:00 p.m., Salvi Lecture Hall) and request recognition as an official organization of Saint Mary’s University of MN. The group shall present the information on their new club form.

At this time, the group should be prepared to answer any questions regarding its general nature and purpose, the information provided, and any other questions raised by the Student Senate.

  1. The Saint Mary’s University Student Senate then decides whether official recognition will be granted to the group. A majority vote of the Student Senate is needed.
  2. If granted recognition, all University and Senate policies must be upheld.
New Club Form


Constitution Criteria:

Constitutions must be submitted in an email format. All constitutions must be word processed in Microsoft Word using a Times New Roman font. Each constitution must also include a cover page and the specifics highlighted below.

  1. State the name of the organization
  2. State the purpose, goals, and objectives of the organization
  3. Recognize that the authority for the organization is derived from the Student Senate.
  4. State membership criteria—state that the organization is for the Winona Campus.
  5. State the offices of the organizations and the duties of the offices. This must include the election or appointment procedures and when they will take place. Have a provision in case an officer position  opens during the current academic year.
  6. Include a provision requiring that an annual report be submitted at the noted date given at the House of Representatives meeting  each year.
  7. State from what source(s) the funds will be derived. Include Senate funds, campus ministry funds, and other fundraising activities—if appropriate.
  8. State procedure for handling funds.
  9. Include a provision amendment procedure. This must state that the student senate has final vote on all new amendments.
Example Constitution